“In light of current concerns and the guidance of the CDC, we will continue to gathering digitally, but we will also begin gathering in person starting June 14. Sunday service will be at 10:30. There will be no in person morning Bible Studies, Mercy Kids, or Mercy Youth. Please join us, and stay tuned for updates and links to live services.”

Please see official guidance for places of worship: https://azgovernor.gov/sites/default/files/guidance_for_places_of_worship.pdf

Below, we outline our cleaning procedures: 
SOP: Cleaning Sanctuary/Cry Room/Lobby/Bathrooms


  1. Establish policy and procedure for proper cleaning of sanctuary, lobby and bathrooms to comply with CDC guideline for COVID 19.


  1. Purchase cleaning products from Neutron Industries.
    1. Ecolution Disinfectant Cleaner (item #115411) – comes in 4 one gallon bottles for $244.00.
    2. Discover No Rinse Surface Disinfectant (item #125404-12) – comes in a case of 12 16.5 oz cans for $250.00.
  2. Monthly Inventory:
    1. Ecolution disinfectant cleaner (at least one gallon bottle in stock)
    2. Discover No Rinse Surface Disinfectant (at least two cans in stock)
    3. Toilet paper (keep a dozen rolls stocked in closet)
    4. Urinal screens and deodorizers (at least two in stock)
    5. Clean rags
    6. Spray bottles for Ecolution Disinfectant Cleaner (2 bottles)
    7. Gloves (at least 2 clean pairs)
    8. Toilet Seat Covers (at least two packages in stock at all times)
    9. Hand soap refill for soap machines (at least two in stock at all times)
    10. Rolls of paper for hands free paper towel dispenser (at least two in stock at all times)
    11. Large trash bags (at least one box in stock at all times)
    12. Extra large trash bags (black) for large trash cans (one box in stock at all times)
    13. Vacuum bags and belts (at least two bags in stock at all times for Oreck and one replacement belt for reach vacuum used).
    14. Replace mop heads every 3 months or as needed


  1. Lead custodial staff will be required to make sure the janitor closet (located inside the entryway to the mens bathroom is inventoried monthly and all products are in stock.
  2. Before and after Sunday morning worship service or any event:
    1. Clean sanctuary (John Ramirez will be responsible for cleaning the sound booth and stage equipment)
      1. Vacuum entire floor
      2. Empty trash cans and replace trash liners